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A name that appears two or more times indicates the same person with multiple wounds received at different times and locations.

Only in a few instances did the newspapers give any details of the wounds and few gave any other detaisl such as age or the specific battle field.

There are a large number of names to come and research is ongoing. 

ABBOTT, David Pvt TROY 1944 France
ALLEN, Herbert Pfc PIQUA 1945 Germany
ALEXANDER, Marion C. Pfc P. HILL 11/23/1944 France
ALEXANDER, Robert L T/Sgt PIQUA 1945 Manila
ALTIC, Leonard F T/Sgt TROY 1944 France
ANDERSON, Lee L. Pfc PIQUA 5/31/1944 Italy
ANDERSON, Lee L. Pfc PIQUA 6/4/1944 Italy
ANGLE, Marion L. Pfc COVINGTON 1945 1st Luzon
ANGLE, Marion L. Pfc COVINGTON 1945 2nd Luzon
ARMSTRONG, William Pfc PIQUA 12/1944 Germany
BADER, Martin Keith 20 Pfc TROY 1/26/45 Luxembourg

BALL, Melvin J.







BARHORST, Arnold A. 25 S/Sgt PIQUA 1944 France
BAUGHER, Chester Pvt COVINGTON 7/1944 not stated
BAYER, Charles E. 22 Cpl COVINGTON (FOD) 9/8/1942 So. Pacific
BAYMAN, Charles R"Dick" Pfc PIQUA 4/1945 Philippines
BAYMAN, George W. Cpl PIQUA 1/13/1945 France
BEASECKER, Robert E. Bradford (DC) (DOW) 1943 North Africa
BECKSTEDT, William J. Pfc RR PIQUA 1/7/1945 France
BELL, Benjamin D. 27 Pfc TROY 1/13/1945 France
BENKERT, Richard "Dick" Pfc PIQUA 9/1944 Palau
BENKERT, Richard "Dick" Pfc PIQUA 5/4/1945 Okinawa
BENZ, Robert C. Pvt LUDLOW FALLS 9/20/1944 Luxembourg
BESECKER, Dean O. P2c BRADFORD 8/15/1944 Pacific
BEWLEY, Robert Cpl CASSTOWN 1/15/45 Luxembourg
BEWLEY, Robert Cpl CASSTOWN 2/7/45 Luxembourg
BILLMAN, David E. 31 S/Sgt PLEASANT HILL 7/26/44 France
BITTIKOFER, Glenn MM1/c TROY 5/22/1945 Guam
BOGGS, Daniel Sgt PIQUA 1945 Germany
BOLT, Paul COVINGTON 11/5/1944 France
BOLTON, Wilber Sgt PIQUA 1944 France
BRANDT, James M Pvt PIQUA 2/19/1944 Italy
BRANDT, James M Pvt PIQUA 9/1944 France
BRAUN, Thomas N. Sgt TROY 12/4/1945 Pacific
BREWER, John H. Pvt PIQUA 6/7/1944 France
BRIGGS, Carl Pfc FLETCHER 1945 France
BRINING, Don E. PIQUA 5/31/1945 Pacific
BROWN, Orest Pvt RR TROY 1944 "Europe"
BROWN, Walter F. Jr. T5 3/17/1945 Germany
BROWNING, Eddie S/Sgt TROY 5/31/1944 Italy
BROWNING, Eddie S/Sgt TROY 10/7/1944 France
BRUBAKER, Charles E. Pfc PIQUA 1944 Mediterranean
BUCKHOLTZ, Glen S/Sgt BRADFORD 11/18/1944 Germany
BUNDSCHUH, Arthur F. Pfc PIQUA 1944 "Europe"
BUCKLEW, HArold E. Pfc TROY 1/12/1945 Duxembourg
BUNSOLD, John W Pvt TROY Training 8/1942 Ft. Bragg, NC
BURKE, Ramon Pfc TROY 1944 Holland
BURKETT Willard E. -- Pvt RR TROY (DOW) 3/14/44 Italy
BURNETT, Frank Pfc PIQUA 1945 Philippines
BURNSIDE, Roger E. Pfc PIQUA 5/27/44 Italy
BYER, Garland B Cpl COVINGTON 1943 Mediterranean
BYRKETT, Jake N, PIQUA 1944 France
CATTERLIN, John J. Pvt PIQUA 1944 France
CAVENDER, Richard A. Pfc RR TROY 5/31/44 Italy
CAVENDER, Richard A. Pfc RR TROY 12/1944 "Europe"
CERANTANO, Charles Pfc PIQUA 1945 Luxembourg
Calvin C. Clark Pfc RR NEW CARLISLE 4/10/1945 Brattendorf, Gmy.
CLARK, Kenneth H. Pfc PIQUA 1945 Okinawa
CLARK, Robt J. Jr. Pfc TROY 1944 France
CLINE, Raymond H. Sc3/c PIQUA 5/29/1945 Okinawa
CODY, Richard S. 2nd Lt TROY 11/8/1944 France
COLE, William E. 20 Cpl BRADFORD (DOW) 4/14/45 France
COLLETT, Don Pvt PIQUA 1945 Luxembourg
COLLETTE, Tommy Jr. 29 Pvt WEST MILTON 12/7/44 Germany
COLLINS, Charles Pfc PIQUA 1945 Iwo Jima
CONLEY, James T. Pfc RR TROY 11/1944 France
COOPER, Benjamin 1st Lt PIQUA 12/1944 Belgium
COPPOCK, John M. Cpl TIPP CITY 8/9/1944 France
COPPOCK, Ralph M 19 Pfc TIPP CITY 2/26/1945 Iwo Jima
COST, Orville R. 21 Pvt RR PIQUA 12/29/1944 Luxembourg
COUNTS, Harold E "Bud" T/Sgt TROY 12/24/44 Germany
CROMER,Elwood S2/c PIQUA 1944 Saipan
CROMER, Robert J. Ssgt PIQUA 5/20/1944 Pacific
CROMER,William Capt PIQUA 1945 Germany
CRONER, William G. 26 S/Sgt TROY 12/1944 Leyte
CULVER, Harold Pfc PIQUA 1945 Philippines
CUMMINS, Jack C. Pvt PIQUA 12/25/1944 France
CUMMINS, Lewis D. Pfc TROY 1944 So. Pacific
CURRY, Glen Pfc TROY 7/14/44 France
CURTIS, Carl W. S/Sgt PIQUA 1944 Italy
CURTIS, Raymond Pfc PIQUA 11/11/1944 Leyte
CYPHER, Paul W. Cpl PIQUA 5/26/44 Italy
DAVIDSON, Roland R 27 Pfc TROY 12/24/44 Belgium
DAVIS, Raymond L. Sgt, TROY 1945 Germany
DAVIS, Robert Cpl PIQUA 1945 Okinawa
DAWSON, Roger E. Pvt PIQUA 1944 France
DEAKYNE, Duane D. T5 12/20/1944 France
DEAL, William S/Sgt TROY 3/1945 not stated
DEATON, Jack E. Sgt LAURA 1/30/45 Belgium
DELAET, Paul** Pfc PIQUA 1943 Italy
DENNICK, William 26 Pvt TROY 11/27/44 Germany
DETRICK, Bertram Sgt TROY 12/8/1944 Germany
DETRICK, Donald M. Pfc WEST MILTON 12/6/1944 France
DETRICK, Glen 22 T/5 TIPP CITY 5/31/44 New Guinea
DETRICK, Glen 22 T/5 TIPP CITY 11/25/44 Philippines
DETRICK, Kenneth -- Sgt COVINGTON (DOW) 4/13/45 Germany
DEUBNER, Bill Pvt PIQUA 2/1/44 N. Africa
DEUBNER, Bill Pvt PIQUA late 1944 Italy
DOLL, Walter E. S/Sgt TROY 5/24/44 Germany
DUEBNER, William R. Pvt PIQUA 2//7/1944 Italy
DUEBNER, William R. Pvt PIQUA 5/23/1944 Italy
EARICK, Charles W. Pfc COVINGTON 4/13/1945 Germany
EARICK, Wayne Pvt PIQUA 1945 Germany
EBBERTS, John Pfc TROY 11/12/44 France
EDMINSON, Harold Pvt FLETCHER 2/1945 Germany
ELIFRITZ, Ralph L. T/5 RR TROY 4/3/1945 Germany
ELLIOT, Gearel Pfc BRADFORD 1944 Luxembourg
ELLIOTT, Clyde Pfc BRADFORD 7/31/1944 France
ELLIOTT, Gerald Pvt BRADFORD 7/30/1944 France
ELLIOTT, George Pfc BRADFORD 1944 France
ELLIS, Ben COVINGTON 1944 S. Pacific
ELSON, William Pfc RR BRADFORD 1944 Saipan
EVANS, Eliga D. 26 Pvt RR TROY 1/4/1945 France
EWING, Frank G. Pfc PIQUA 3/5/1945 Germany
FAIR, Homer E. 23 Cpl TROY 6/3/44 Italy
FAIR, Norman R. Sgt RR BRADFORD 1944 France
FARMER, Albert N., MD. Capt FLETCHER 5/1945 Germany
FAUST, Samuel Pfc TROY 1945 Luzon
FAVORITE, Paul Pfc RR TROY 11/1944 Belgium
FAVORITE, Raymond Pvt RR TROY Training 8/5/1944 Texas
FAY, Carl T. Pvt PIQUA 11/20/44 France
FERGUSON, Bernie S/Sgt TROY 12/1944 Belgium
FINLEY, William G. T5 TIPP CITY 1944 "Europe"
FLAGG, Alvin R. Pfc LUDLOW FALLS 7/28/1944 France
FLESH, Alfred L. Jr T5 PIQUA 1/8/1945 Pacific
FOGT, Richard Pvt PIQUA 1/23/1945 Belgium
FOLKERTH, Kenneth TROY 8/1943 Munda
FORD, Walter 19 R3/c PIQUA 6/6/1944 Normandy Coast
FORSYTHE, Lewis E. Pvt PIQUA 1944 Germany
FOUTZ, Keith Pfc PIQUA 11/14/1944 Germany
FRANTON, Wilber 22 S/Sgt PIQUA 1944 France
FREE, Henry A. Sgt PIQUA 1944 Belgium
FRIEND, George W. Pvt TROY 12/25/1944 France
FRIES, Willard E. 29 Pvt PIQUA 1/15/1945 Belgium
FURNAS, Therm E/M COVINGTON 4/1945 at sea
FURROW, Frank 23 S/Sgt TROY 6/1944 Cherbourg, France
GARBRY, Clarence Jr. Seaman TROY 1944 N. Africa
GARMAN, Harold 19 S/1c RR TROY 1945 Iwo Jima
GEARHEART, Robert W Pfc RR PIQUA 12/18/1944 Belgium
GLADMAN, Trella M. WT/3c TROY 1944
GORDON, James T. Pfc COVINGTON 8/22/1944 France
GRAEF, Robert S. 2Lt PIQUA 10/12/1944 Belgium
GRAGG, Hugh B. Pvt COVINGTON 12/26/1944 Belgium
GRAGG, Hugh B. Pvt COVINGTON 2/1/1945 Belgium
GRIFFIETH, Robert O. Pvt TROY 11/25/44 France
GRUBBS, Kenneth L Pvt PIQUA 11/12/1944 Holland
GURKLIES, George T/Sgt RR TROY 3/10/1945 France
HAMPTON, Orville W. Pfc PIQUA 2/7/1945 Ruthe, Germany
HAMPTON, Orville W Pfc PIQUA 3/17/1945 Kaiserlauthern, Gm
HARMON, William Pvt PIQUA 1944 France
HARRIS, C. Robert PO/1c TROY 1944 South Pacific
HARTMAN. Lloyd Pfc PIQUA 1944 "Europe"
HATHAWAY, Robert P.O. PIQUA Ship accdt 5/1944 Atlantic
HAYSLETT, Robert E. Sgt BRADFORD 1944 France
HEATH, Stanley R. 29 S/Sgt PIQUA 1/23/45 Belgium
HEERY, Robert     20 T/Sgt BRADFORD (DC) (DOW) 4/18/45 Germany
HEFFNER, Ralph E. S1c TIPP CITY 5/15/1945 Pacific
HELMICK, Charles Sgt WEST MILTON 5/1/1943 North Africa
HERBST, Donald L. Capt P. HILL 6/22/1944 France
HERSHEY, John H. Sgt RR WEST MILTON 2/20/1945 Pacific
HERSHEY, Raymond COVINGTON 1943 Attu
HIATT, Arthur M. 2nd Lt TROY 1944 France
HICKS, James M. Pvt TIPP CITY 11/27/44 Germany
HILL, George T. Ensign PIQUA 6/1944 Saipan
HILL, Jerry Pfc BRADFORD (DOW) 11/23/1944 France
HILLIARD, Charles R. T5 PIQUA 6/13/1945 Philippines
HITTLE. Gene 21 Sgt PIQUA 2/1945 Manila
HITTLE. Gene 21 Sgt PIQUA 6/16/1945 Luzon
HOBBS, David P. Pvt TROY 11/7/1944 France
HODGE, Joseph E. Sgt TIPP CITY 4/13/45 Germany
HONEYMAN, Lloyd S/Sgt RR W. MILTON 1945 Germany
HOSLEY Frederick E. 22 Pfc TROY (DOW) 12/21/44 Belgium
HUBBARD, Grover Pvt PIQUA 1944 Belgium
HUBBARD, Grover Pvt PIQUA 4/10/1944 Germany
HUFFORD, John Sgt TROY 1944 Europe
HUGES, James D. Jr. Pfc RR W. MILTON 11/12/1943 Italy
HUGES, James D. Jr. Pfc RR W. MILTON 5/31/1944 Italy
HUGHES, Lewis M. Pfc PIQUA 11/1943 Italy
HUNT, Lloyd 26 T/Sgt WEST MILTON 1945 Italy
HUTCHINSON, Bernard D. Pvt PIQUA 1944 Germany
JACKSON, Edmund S/Sgt TIPP CITY 1944 Germany
JACKSON, Edmund S/Sgt TIPP CITY 1944 France
JAMISON, -- L. 37 Pfc TROY 1/1945 Belgium
JAY, Paul L. WT3c P. HILL 4/6/1945 Pacific
JORDAN, Robert Pfc PIQUA 1944 Burma
JONES, John J. Pvt PIQUA 1944 France
JONES, Ned C. 21 Sgt LAURA 11/7/1944 France
JONES, Ralph B. 26 Sgt LUDLOW FALLS POW 1945 Japan
JONES, William R. Pfc PIQUA 6/1944 Normandy, France
KAUFFMAN, Robert -- TROY 1944 France
KETZEL, Elmer 21 Pfc PIQUA 5/1944 New Guinea
KING, Charles Pvt PIQUA 1944 France
KINGERY, Grover Sgt RR TROY 11/8/1942 Cassablanca
KINGERY, Grover Sgt RR TROY 8/1943 Sicily
KINNEY, Albert Pfc PIQUA 1945 Philippines
KLEIN, Floyd S/Sgt P. HILL 1944 Holland
KNIFE, Lewis E Pfc TROY 1945 Philippines
KNIFE, Roy E. Pfc W. MILTON 11/1944 Germany
KNIGHT, Donovan S3c PIQUA 1/6/1945 Pacific
KNOOP, Edgar L. 19 Pvt RR CASSTOWN 1/30/1945 Belgium
KOON, John W. "Jack" Pvt PIQUA 1944 not stated
KREIDER, Charles D. Pfc TIPP CITY 12/19/1944 Belgium
KROPP, F. William Pfc RR TROY 8/12/1944 France
KUNTZ, Charles R. Pfc TROY 10/30/1942 Solomon Islands
LANDIS, Robert Sgt PIQUA 1945 C-B-I
LANDIS, Vier K. Pfc COVINGTON 1/24/45 Luxembourg
LANE, Raymond E. Pfc WEST MILTON 2/21/1945 Italy
LEMMON, John B. 23 Pvt PIQUA (DOW) 2/28/45 Manila
LEONARD, Joseph E. 1Lt TIPP CITY 5/3/1944 Italy
LEONARD, Robert Pfc TROY 6/20/1945 Guam
LEWIS, Earl Pfc PIQUA 1945 Germany
LIBBEE, Dick L. 2Lt PIQUA 12/20/1943 Europe
LILLICRAP, Fredrex G. AO2c PIQUA 1/10/1946 Pacific
LINK, Edward Pvt PIQUA 1945 Germany
LITTLE, James Pvt PIQUA 1944 Germany
LITTLE, Thomas Pfc PIQUA 1945 Okinawa
LONG, Charles M. 19 Pfc RR TROY (DOW) 1/9/1945 Luzon
LOWRY, Kenneth F. Lt Col TROY 1945 Germany
LOY, Harry Jr. 26 Pfc TROY 1/21/1945 Belgium
McCLAY, Newell W. 24 Cpl TROY (NOS)
McCONNELL, Max Pvt TROY 9/13/1944 Belgium
McEOWAN, John Pfc LENA 10/27/44 Italy
McGILLVARY, Basil Sgt PIQUA 1944 France
McGILLVARY, Martin Pfc PIQUA 1/1/1944 Belgium
McGILLVARY, Martin Pfc PIQUA 3/1/1945 Germany
MAHAN, Charles S 25 Pvt TROY 1/13/1945 Lexembourg
MARTIN, Buckley E. Pvt PIQUA 1944 France
MARTIN, Mark FO TROY 1944 France
MARTZ, Allen Pfc RR TROY 1944 Italy
MATHENY, Charles C. Pvt TIPP CITY 1944 Italy
MASON, J. C. 1st Lt PIQUA 7/19/1944 France
MEIRING, Richard F. Pfc PIQUA 1/9/1945 Belgium
METCALF, David W. GM3c TROY 7/30/1945 Pacific
MIKOLAJEWSKI, Charles Pfc PIQUA 1945 Iwo Jima
MILLER, Arthur Pfc PIQUA 1945 Iwo Jima
MILLER, Frank S/Sgt COVINGTON 6/8/1944 Normandy, France
MILLER, Merlin L.  28 2 Lt WEST MILTON (DOW) 1/3/45 Germany
MINNICH, Harold T/Sgt COVINGTON 1/16/1945 Belgium
MINNICH, Martin Lt PIQUA 8/17/1943 Belgium
MITCHELL, Richard G. Pfc FLETCHER 1/20/1945 Pacific
MONIACI, James V. Pfc PIQUA 7/7/1945 France                           
MORLOCK, Edw G Jr 25 Sgt PIQUA 1/1945 Germany
MORTON, Marion E. SK2c TROY 9/30/1945 Pacific
MOTE, Dale O -- Pfc RR West Milton (DOW) 4/19/45 England
MOYER, Howard Pvt TROY 2/3/44 Marshall Islands

** Wounded and taken prisoner.

(DOW) - Died of Wounds

(NOS) - Not Otherwise Specified

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