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A name that appears two or more times indicates the same person with multiple wounds received at different times and locations.

Only in a few instances did the newspapers give any details of the wounds and few gave any other details such as age or the specific battle field.

There are a large number of names to come and research is ongoing. 

NEMETH, Robert P. Pfc LUDLOW FALLS 1944 not stated
NETZLEY, Robert E. 24 LAURA 1945 Okinawa
NEWMAN, Harry E. Cpl RR CASSTOWN 2/28/45 Germany
NICODEMUS,John S. 19 Pvt PIQUA 12/1944 France
NISHWITZ, Leo A. Pfc TROY 1/31/45 France
O'NEAL, Robert S. S1c TROY 11/25/1945 Pacific
OCHS, Harold F. Tsgt PIQUA 12/22/1944 Italy
OELSLAGER, William Sgt PIQUA 1945 Manila
PELTIER, Paul E. (1st) 23 Cpl PIQUA 9/1943 Sicily
PELTIER, Paul E. (1st) 23 Cpl PIQUA 7/1944 France
PIERCE, Delbert J. 37 Pvt WEST MILTON (DOW) 9/25/44 France
PILLOID, Adrian, Jr. Capt PIQUA 1944 Saipan
PITMAN, Glen William S2c BRADFORD 11/4/1943 Pacific
PITSENBARGER, Chas. L. Sgt PIQUA 1944 Cherbourg, France
POLING, Thomas Sgt PIQUA 6/1944 France
POPPE, Donald H. Pvt PIQUA 1944 France
POTTS, Richard F. 1Lt COVINGTON 12/25/1944 France
POWELL, J. D. Pvt COVINGTON 1944 Italy
PUNKETT, Max R. Pfc TROY 7/19/44 France
PUTNAM, Charles W. 2nd Lt TROY 8/5/1944 France
PUTTERBAUGH, Merle E Pfc (DOW) not stated
QUINN, Carl R. Pvt PIQUA 12/11/1944 Germany
RANSOM, Robert Cpl PIQUA 8/1944 Normandy, France
RASOR, Leo Lt RR BRADFORD 3/1944 Cassino, Italy
REHMERT, George Ira S1c PIQUA 8/10/1943 Pacific      
RHOADES, Harold S2/c COVINGTON 1943 Guadalcanal
RHOADES, James Pfc COVINGTON 11/26/44 Germany
ROBBINS, Charles A. SSgt RR TROY 12/20/1943 France
ROWLAND, Harry Pfc PIQUA 1945 Iwo Jima
RICE, Everett L. T-5 COVINGTON 3/1945 Germany
RICE, Paul E.. 26 S/Sgt COVINGTON 8/5/1945 Germany
RICE, Paul E. 26 S/Sgt COVINGTON 8/17/1945 Germany
RICE, Paul E. 26 S/Sgt COVINGTON 10/9/1945 Germany
ROGERS, Vernon L. Pfc W. MILTON 2/23/1945 Manila
ROGERS, Vernon L. Pfc W. MILTON 7/1945 Luzon
ROREX, Woodrw, W. 2Lt PIQUA 6/12/1944 France
ROUSSIAU, Homer J. Pvt PIQUA 1944 New Guinea
RUE, Lester F. Pvt BRADFORD 7/8/1944 France
SAUL, Paul W. Pfc CONOVER 2/26/1945 Pacific
SAUL, Woodrow, W. Sgt RR CONOVER 1944 Normandy, France
SCHERGER, Thomas M Pfc BRADFORD 9/30/1944 France
SCAMAHORN, Howard E Pfc PIQUA 1944 Europe
SCHRIVER, Robert Pvt PIQUA 1944 Germany
SCHUESSELIN, Charles 24 Lt PIQUA 7/11/1944 Italy
SHANKS, Willis H. Pfc TROY 2/26/1946 Pacific
SHAW, Victor L. 23 Pfc LUDLOW FALLS (DOW) 4/25/45 Luzon
SHELTON, David P 28 Capt TROY 12/30/1945 Belgium
SHEPARD, Thomas R. Capt TROY 1945 Iwo Jima
SHERWOOD, James E. 20 Pfc RR PIQUA 10/1944 Belgium
SHERWOOD, James E.** 20 Pfc RR PIQUA 12/1944 Bastogne
SHOUP, -- Sgt TROY 1944 Germany
SHROYER, Gail 26 Pvt TROY 12/1944 Germany
SIPPEL, Ollie L. Sgt PIQUA 12/13/1944 France
SOERHOFF, Robert 1st Lt PIQUA 1944 France
SMITH, Alphonse Pfc PIQUA 1945 Germany
SMITH, Donald M. 1Lt NEW CRLSE 5/21/1943 Italy
SMITH, John Carr 20 Pvt RR TROY 2/8/1945 Germany
SMITH, Robert L. Jr. Pvt PIQUA 5/29/1944 Italy
SMITLEY, David J. S/Sgt TROY 1944 France
SOWRY, James D. 2Lt TROY 9/27/1943 Belgium
SPRECHER, Kenneth N. Sgt TROY 1945 Germany
STANLEY, Robert L. 2Lt TROY 11/24/1944 Italy
STANTON, Robert P. TROY 10/15/44 Polan Is. Pacific
STARR, Willard D. MM/1c TROY 1st 1944 SW Pacific
STARR, Willard D. MM/1c TROY 2nd 1944 SW Pacific
STAUP, Raymond Pvt RR NEW CARLISLE 11/15/1944 France
STEINKE, Silvinus J. Cpl PIQUA 6/19/1944 Saipan
STEINKE, Silvinus J. Cpl PIQUA 2/7/1945 Iwo Jima
STEINKE, Gilbert Pvt PIQUA 1943 Guadalcanal
STEINKE, John H. Pvt PIQUA 1942
STENGEL, Carl Pvt PIQUA 1944 France
STEVENS, William K. 22 Pfc CASSTOWN (DOW) 11/19/44 Holland
STEPHENS, Owen Pfc TROY 10/2/1944 Italy
STEWART, Donald L. Pfc TROY 12/25/1944 France
STOWE, Billy F. Pvt RR TROY 10/19/1944 Hurtgen Forest, Germany
STRAWSER, William J 28 Pvt RR LAURA (DOW) 6/18/44 Biak Island
STREMMEL, Richard D. Pvt PIQUA 1944 France
STURGEON, James S/2c TROY 8/14/1944 not stated
SULLIVAN, Marvin Pfc TIPP CITY 10/17/44 France
SUPINGER, Carl Cpl RR COVINGTON 1944 Belgium
SWABB, Basil Pfc BRADFORD 1/24/1945 Luxembourg
SWARTZ, Howard Pvt KESSLER 1944 Philippines
SYLER, Robert WEST MILTON 1944 South Pacific
TAMPLIN, Everett E. Pfc TIPP CITY 6/21/1945 Pacific
TATMAN, Bill Pvt PIQUA 1944 Leyte
THOMAS, John Pershing S2c BRADFORD 10/29/1942 Atlantic
THOMAS, Elbert Eugene Pvt TROY 4/20/1945 Italy
THOMPSON, Dale E. Cpl COVINGTON 1/12/1943 Algeria
THOMPSON, John W. 18 Pfc P. HILL 1944 So. Pacific
THOMPSON, Kenneth F. 26 1st Lt PIQUA (DOW) 12/21/1944 Germany
THORPE, Thomas Pfc TROY 11/15/44 France
TROSTEL, Robert H. 23 Cpl PIQUA 1943 Sicily
ULLERY, Donald Pvt TIPP CITY 1945 Germany
VAN ATTA, Arthur Pvt COVINGTON 11/21/44 Germany
VANHORN, John W. SSgt 5/15/1945 Germany
VANKIRK, Ralph T/4 PIQUA 1945 Germany
VOGANN, Herschel Pfc P. HILL 3/7/1945 Germany
WACK, Frank M/Sgt PIQUA 6/28/1944 Algiers
WALTERS, Lawrence P. HILL 8/1944 France
WAMMES, Tom K. 19 Pfc PIQUA 1945 Germany
WARD, Bernard Pfc COVINGTON 3/1945 Belgium (Bulge)
WARD, Merle Pvt TROY 11/3/1944 Italy
WARD, Roscoe M. 31 Pfc TROY 12/1944 Belgium
WARD, Roscoe M. 31 Pfc TROY 2/23/1945 Germany
WARLING, William J. Sgt PIQUA 1944 France
WEAVER, Don Lt BRADFORD 3/30/1945 Bradford
WEAVER, Ralph A. Cpl COVINGTON 1/4/1945 France
WEBSTER, Robert ** Pfc PIQUA 12/1944 Germany
WEEKS, Stephen Dean Pvt TROY 1/1945 Germany
WEER, Jack W 20 Tec 5 COVINGTON 1/26/45 Germany
WEER, Jack W 20 Tec 5 COVINGTON (DOW) 3/13/45 Germany
WESCO, Edward Sgt TROY 7/1945 Rome, Italy
WESTFALL, Durward Pvt WEST MILTON 1/1945 Luxembourg
WESTFALL, John C. Pfc PIQUA 11/21/1943 Pacific (USMC)
WHITE, Harvey E. Pvt PIQUA 11/13/44 France
WIDENER, William B. Pfc PIQUA 1944 Saipan
WIDENER, William B. Pfc PIQUA 1944 Tinian Is.
WILHELM, Lowell Pvt RR COVINGTON 1944 France
WILHELM, Paul E. Pvt RR PIQUA 11/19/44 France
WILSON, Billy C. Pfc TROY 1944 Tarawa
WILSON, Billy C. Pfc TROY 1944 Saipan
WOMBOLD, Robert ** Sgt BRADFORD 1/6/1945 Germany
WOODMANCY, Horace S. T-5 PIQUA 1945 Luxembourg
WOOLERY, Robert S. MM/1c TROY 7/6/1943 Pacific
WRAY, Charles Pvt PIQUA 1945 Germany
WRIGHT, Herbert O. Pvt TROY 1/11/1945 Germany
YENNEY, Richard L. Pfc COVINGTON 1944 France
YOUNT, Marcus A. Pvt TROY Training 1944 Oregon
YOUNG, Earl COVINGTON (DOW) 4/8/1942 Corregidor
YOUNG, Dale B. Pvt TROY 2/18/1945 Germany
YOUNG, James K. Pfc PIQUA 1/3/45 France
YOUNG, Virgil L -- T/Sgt COVINGTON (DOW) 1943 Philippine Islands

** Wounded and taken prisoner.

(DOW) - Died of Wounds

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