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For Immediate Release                                                    January 23, 2009


Scott D. Trostel, author of THE LINCOLN FUNERAL TRAIN to appear on the History Channel Documentary


VIEWING SCHEDULE: February 16, 2009, 9:00 p.m.  History Channel




FLETCHER, OHIO -- Scott D. Trostel from Brown Township in Miami County will appear on the History Channel in an upcoming production titled STEALING LINCOLN'S BODY. His acclaimed book  THE LINCOLN FUNERAL TRAIN is the basis for appearance.   Trostel  working both in front of the camera and behind the camera as a historical advisor to the production company Left/Right PRoductions plus one of their video firms, Studio Macbeth.   The documentary is about Abraham Lincoln's death, the national funeral via the funeral train and the many problems that occurred at the Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, culminating with a a nearly successful attempt to steal Lincoln's body in 1876.

"I became involved in this project in July when the lead production company wanted to examine a copy of my book.  The book went to to the producers. About a week went later I received a very lengthy call from the head producer wanting to know if they could bring me to one of three filming sites in August. Scenes were shot at four locations in the midwest.  I got to pick the site and decided to got to Springfield, Illinois. For two days I was in front of the camera at the filming location near Oak Ridge Cemetery.  In off times it was an easy walk to Lincoln's tomb.  My part in this involves the lead-in of the national funeral and the 13 day journey via train to Springfield. During the interview I spent considerable time talking about events involving the train along its route. I did discuss events in the region since the train passed through Miami Champaign and Darke County along its 1,700 mile route. I've not seen the finished production although a DVD is on the way.   The show roles into the story of the burial and many subsequent reburials and the attempted theft of Lincoln's coffin.  That is quite a story and another author will be revealing that part of the story.  To give a bit of that story away, the crooks did break into the Lincoln tomb and did open his then above ground vault had the coffin 15 inches out when they were nabbed.

"I was interviewed about various events involving the funeral train and some portion of that interview will be aired in the documentary.  Beyond my interview they are used the book for technical materials in portions of the narrative of the documentary.  I have provided the only information about the music played en route or at the burial.  In all the rush for scholarly books and research on Lincoln, I find out I'm the only one to also dig into the music.  That has caught the attention of a couple of periodicals and there is some discussions of future articles on the funeral music.  In addition, very specific information about precise events en route have been sought to help cover important details of the several funerals en route. 

"I also worked with one of their graphics contractors, Studio Macbeth, who did some of the photo enhancement work of both the interior and exterior of the funeral car and funeral train plus several of Lincoln. I got to see some of the graphics and they have produced some outstanding image enhancements and animations. 

This year marks the 200th anniversary of Lincolns birth. 

Beyond the History Channel project, I also consulted to The Library of Congress on their gestures to honor Lincoln in this bicentennial year with a display involving the Lincoln Funeral Train. 



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