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Next Stop - Dennison!  


Ohio author Scott D. Trostel has penned a powerful and moving book to the WW II home front gestures in the tiny railroad town of Dennison, Ohio.

Trostel carefully builds a powerful image of a dedicated group of volunteers who came together forming the Dennison, Ohio canteen, Operated during WW II, they met and fed troops passing through town on the Pennsylvania Railroad.  Nothing was too good for the troops and the communities came together supplying many volunteers plus significant portions of the food given to the troops on the station platform. It became the first of twelve community based canteen in Ohio during WW II.  The 134 page book reveals many heart-warming stories of the seldom told home front efforts to support the troops.

Trostel takes the reader track side as volunteers served troops on passenger trains, entire troop trains, new recruits, returning veterans and wounded veterans on hospital trains. Next Stop - Dennison! clearly focuses on the compassionate dedication of an entire region. Every train was served no matter the hour, in summer's heat and some of the worst winter weather in 100 years. It all occurred in less than seven minutes per train stop.

This book has been well researched. It takes the reader beyond the efforts at the Pennsylvania Railroad station. Volunteers overcame many difficulties which would have discouraged any man or woman had the cause been less worthy, or had the community been less wholehearted. As their selfless efforts became known, residents of over sixty communities in six counties were united by a single cause in support of the canteen. Not once did the community allow the supply of any scarce items to fail. Sugar, meat, mayonnaise, coffee, drinking cups, candy and all the other items civilians scrambled for were made available unceasingly to the canteen.

Crowning the book are a number of letters written by the soldiers and sailors on those many trains, the powerful voices of appreciation by the many men and women who stood in harm's way. 

The canteen served 1,300,000 troops, welcomed by ladies and men with trays of bologna and cheese sandwiches, fruit, candy bars and drinks and welcoming smiles.  It was a profound gesture of humanitarianism supported by the citizens of over seven counties.

If you read no other book this year, read this one!


TITLE: Next Stop - Dennison!

SUBTITLE: Dennison, Ohio's WWII Serviceman's Canteen

ISBN 978-0-925436-54-2 134 pages 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 Soft cover

SUBJECT: WWII / Home Front / Railroads

Suggested Retail Price: $14.95



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Scott D. Trostel is one of America's leading historians on the WW II homefront and has written three other books about WW II canteens.


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